Putting the “inevitable” Mrs. Clinton in the White House would be a continuation of the policies of the Obama, 2 Bushes, and husband Bill’s administrations. The problems we face today came from them, each building on to the previous until it’s intrenched. The inequality that exists in our society today both in race,education, and income are from their ideas and governance. Both in domestic and foreign policy making they have been failures. We must look beyond these people and those worse than them if we are to survive. We can do better. We can elect leaders who have the interests the nation upper most in their hearts and minds and not the narrow interests of the select few who want to control it all for themselves. The future our children will have depends on what we leave them. If we continue to give it away to the greedy “robber barons” among us, they will have nothing. NO MORE BUSHES OR CLINTONS.